Sunday Morning Bible  Study  10:15AM


This year we will be going through the Evangel, as it is recorded in “The Gospel according to St. Luke.” I’ve selected Luke this year because during the new church year that starts in Advent we will be reading on Sunday mornings primarily from the Gospel of Luke. By the way, here’s a little interesting bit of information: About 28% of the entire New Testament was written by St. Luke (The Gospel and the Book of Acts).  

What you do, as a Christian, is transmit the Evangel –The Good News--according to how you have been shaped by the Gospel Word of God. The point is NOT that the “Gospel” can mean anything we think or want it to. The point is that the Gospel is what makes us Christians and that Good News gets seen by others, told, arranged, and handed on by us.


            Bible study is not just for the sake of information, but to help us be shaped by the Living Word of God. Join us at 10:15am.

                                                                                           Pastor Engler










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