Our congregation is about to start a new program that is intended to serve as a model for the rest of the LCMS.  The point of the program is to demonstrate the monetary power that comes from many people giving to a cause but at the same time, each person giving very little.  The goal is to have each member of the congregation, young and old alike, donate a dollar a week.  The cause for now will be to help fund missionary or teacher travel to Hong Kong/China.  This cause might possibly change.

            If this program is successful here at Prince of Peace, the plan is for it to expand to other congregations of our Circuit, then to the English District and ultimately to all the congregations in the LCMS.  The reasoning behind this kind of program is explained in greater detail in the Pastor’s message in the February issue of the Messenger.  There is the potential with this program to raise almost 120 million dollars every year for missions if every baptized member of the LCMS donates one dollar a week.

            The Dollar for Missions program will begin here at POP on Easter Sunday and is intended to run continuously year in and year out as long as it remains viable.  The only change that would occur is the mission need.  There will be weekly reminders in the worship folder as well as regular updates in the Messenger.

            The money will be collected in a special offering box specific to this program that will be prominently located in the Narthex.  For members that would rather not put their dollar directly into the collection box, envelopes will be provided in the pews.  Those members who wish to have their donation credited for tax purposes will need to place their General Fund offering envelope number on the envelope.  The amount of money collected will be published each week in the worship folder.

            Members are strongly encouraged to utilize the dollar a week theme when they donate.  A single check for $52 in lieu of a dollar bill each week is discouraged as are donations of large bills.  Remember, the point of this program is the power of many giving little.  Also keep in mind that donations to this program are to be in addition to what members have pledged to give to the General Fund and other special funds of the congregation.


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