K9 Comfort Dog 




                                  "Comfort ye my people"... Isaiah 40

Hello and tail wags from Rhoda to all of my Prince of Peace friends!

Last time I asked you, "What if we all showed such welcoming love that people would run and greet us?" I thought more about that and decided to list what I genuinely do for others.
Here it is.Maybe you want to jot down your own list of your qualities.

~ I love being in church with you as you worship and sing praises. ~am always happy to see someone.
~People love to see me because I'm happy to see them. I start it.
~I make sure you can see love and care my eyes when you're talking to me.
~I am open and welcoming.
~I find ways to relate to people. I don't quit until I find a way in.
~I'm called "Fluffy", not "Stuffy".
~I wag my tail at everyone.
~I typically relate to people by lying at their feet.
~I don't bark, I listen.
~I never say "no" to desired and needed love.
~I LOVE feeling loved and being with at least one person who loves me.
~ONE is a lonely numberme. I wait constantly for someone I know to appear.
~At the core of my existence is finding opportunities to help my people share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone we meet.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Rhoda & friends

Check out her facebook page at www.facebook.com/rhodacomfortdog  to see who she's visited. 

  The LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry is a national ministry utilizing the unique skills of dogs to open opportunities to touch people with mercy and compassion, For more information see their website: www.K9Comfort.org .



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