K9 Comfort Dog 



Rhoda would like to once again thank our congregation for bringing her to us. She is happy, healthy and busy bringing the mercy, compasion, presence and proclaimation of our Savior to many.  


We are excited to announce the addition of our music director, Cindy Simon, to our handler team. Cindy completed her training sessions with Rhoda and has begun doing visits in Port Washington and Cedarburg.


Please check out the bulletin board in the West classroom area for pictures, events and places that Rhoda has visited. Watch for our monthly report Paws for Comfort  as we share special contacts as we do our ministry. This month follows:


We (and the dogs) enjoy events that bring our Wisconsin K9 Comfort Dogs together. Charity, the new Comfort Dog at Brookfield Lutheran, is frequently present with her Top Dog, Becky. In late October we attended an event together. Afterwards we received this note from Becky:


"The mother of a gentleman that I work with slipped and fell yesterday. She is now at Community Memorial awaiting surgery. This gentleman came into my office today to share his story. Although he and his wife visit often, he is concerned about the time that his mom has to be alone in the hospital. He came to show me a picture of sweet Rhoda at his mom's bedside. He is thrilled that Rhoda visited her. His words: "I feel so much better now –just knowing she's there makes me feel better""



Congregational members of our team are Nancy Brandon, Pastor Timmermann, Stareen Troeger, Seth Tomson, Cindy Simon and Ray and Peggy Pitroski. Please contact any of us if Rhoda could be of help.


Check out her facebook page at www.facebook.com/rhodacomfortdog  to see who she's visited. 

  The LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry is a national ministry utilizing the unique skills of dogs to open opportunities to touch people with mercy and compassion, For more information see their website: www.K9Comfort.org .



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