K9 Comfort Dog 



Rhoda would like to once again thank our congregation for bringing her to us. She is happy, healthy and busy bringing the mercy, compasion, presence and proclaimation of our Savior to many. This April 15th marks her third birthday – and almost two years of Rhoda being with us – the time flies! 


We are excited to announce the addition of our music director, Cindy Simon, to our handler team. Cindy will be attending training sessions with Rhoda and one of our current handlers at LCC in October, 2018.  Welcome aboard and blessings on joining our mission. 


Members of the Comfort Dog Team and Rhoda are currently going to Community Memorial Hospital four days weekly. We visit the medical/surgical floors, the birthing center, the in-patient rehab center and behavioral counseling. We are also visiting St. Joseph Hospital of West Bend twice weekly – visiting in medical/surgical and outpatient cancer care.


Other weekly activities of Rhoda include visiting Cedar Creek, the Arboretum, and  monthly or bi- monthly visits to Dickson Hollow and Rivers Bend.  We have three handlers that have taken training at Luther Manor and serve there several times monthly.  We are truly blessed to have a team of faithful and hardworking handlers. Rhoda loves each one! (and her Frisbee).


Rhoda also visits several congregational members in their home or in the hospital. We continue with many special requests – such as school presentations, funeral, military events, community events – whatever comes up where we feel that Rhoda may be a help. Rhoda  enjoys attending the  worship services and is greeted by many members, especially the children.


Congregational members of our team are Nancy Brandon, Pastor Timmermann, Stareen Troeger, Seth Tomson and Ray and Peggy Pitroski. Please contact any of us if Rhoda could be of help.


Check out her facebook page at www.facebook.com/rhodacomfortdog  to see who she's visited. 

  The LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry is a national ministry utilizing the unique skills of dogs to open opportunities to touch people with mercy and compassion, For more information see their website: www.K9Comfort.org .



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