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Many residents of the North are Indians, Inuit (Eskimo) and Metis (part Indian).

For centuries, they have lived off the land. However, even in these remote areas where traditions have been carefully preserved, the modern world has ushered in new and sometimes destructive lifestyles and values. As a result, many native peoples are caught between conflicting value systems resulting in very evident stress. Whole com- munities have been affected by the changes. In many instances, especially among the youth, alcohol and drugs - and even suicide - have become a way of dealing with the pain and grief. For some, the loss of the old ways has resulted in a new kind of culture of despair.

The challenge of Lutheran Indian Ministries (a ministry of LAMP) - in the name of Christ - is to work with individuals and communities, to experience the hope and sal- vation Christ offers, without diminishing their traditional values. They must know there is refuge under His wings here on earth and room for many heritages in the mansion of God.

The mission of Lutheran Indian Ministries, to proclaim Christ's Kingdom to eve- ry Native American Nation, is expressed in four major areas:

• Spiritual witness and nurture which is culturally sensitive

• Social healing achieved by empowered communities

• Spiritual enrichment realized by donors and volunteers

• Co-operation among Christian churches and ministries

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