Our Church Leadership

Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the people who are a part of our leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our church community special:


ENGLER-THOMAS-CroppedENGLER-THOMAS-CroppedEngler 1 Cropped  Rev. Tom Engler

  The Rev. Tom Engler has been serving The Lutheran Church of

  the Prince of Peace as pastor since July 2014. He was born  

  August 17, 1964 in Aurora, IL, and baptized into Jesus and  

  reborn on August 30th. He was raised and formed in Nebraska  

  and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he  

  received a degree in Chemistry. He graduated from Concordia  

  Seminary, St. Louis, 1990 after doing a vicarage in

  Los Angeles,  CA. He has since served parishes in New York

  City, South  Korea, and most recently in Philadelphia. As a

  missionary in  Korea, Pastor Engler taught the Hebrew

  language and the Bible at Luther University and seminary, and assisted with the Korean Lutheran Hour. During his time in Philadelphia, he also served the LCMS as an “urban strategist,” and was the executive director for Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries. Before coming to Menomonee Falls, he was also a member of the LCMS Board for National Missions.



FROEHLICH Rev. Ron  Rev. Ronald Froehlich - Pastor Emeritus

  The Rev. Ronald Froehlich is currently pastor emeritus of the  

  Lutheran Church of the Prince of Peace.  Pastor Ron

  began his service to the Lord in 1959, establishing a

  congregation in Trumbull, CT. where he met and married Judie

  (nee Ahlers). With retirement in 1997, they returned to

  Wisconsin, and soon served as vacancy pastor at Sherman

  Park Lutheran Church-Milwaukee, his childhood congregation.

TIMMERMANN-NORMAN-4 cropped  Rev. Norman Timmermann - Pastor Emeritus

  Originally I was a “Flatlander” raised in Rosemont, Illinois.  

  However, I spent the last 24 years of full-time ministry here in    

  Menomonee Falls. My wife, Karen, was raised in Milwaukee

  and our two daughters and their families live here in Wisconsin. 

  I attended high school at the “old” Concordia Campus in  

  Milwaukee (it’s now in Mequon) which is how Karen and I met.  

  After graduating from the Seminary in St. Louis, we spent 15

  years of ministry in Western New York. First we were in  

  Cohocton (say that five times real fast) and then Niagara Falls

  (a little bigger than the falls of Menomonee).  In 1989 the Saints of God here at Prince of Peace called me to serve as pastor which I was pleased to do until retirement in 2013. As in the past so in the present, this is a great congregation to be a Christian and share the love of God with one another and with the larger community.

I always wanted to be a pastor and rejoiced in the many opportunities to serve among the people of God and reach out to those whom God has loved presently outside the congregation. Besides work in each parish, I was privileged to serve the larger church by means of Human Care Ministries through Lutheran World Relief, and also on the District level as a Vice-President, Circuit Counselor as well as additional committees.


I continue to enjoy serving here at Prince of Peace in retirement.  I’m an avid Brewers fan. (OK, true confessions. I grew up a White Sox fan, but what can you expect from a Flatlander). If I don’t know you, I look forward to meeting you and hopefully sharing the joy I have in Christ – your Savior and mine!




  Christian Martin - Director of Music

  Connie Pinzl - Church Secretary








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