Wise stewardship ushers in the capacity for enjoyment, rest and freedom. Here is the final and most important of the four core principles that help us understand the Bible’s teachings on the wise management of money:


Praying: Take these matters to the throne.

Prayer isn’t mentioned last because it’s less

important—it’s last because you now know what to pray for.


God seeks to set people free, and He has very

interesting ways of doing it. In Proverbs 13:22, we read, “The sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.” So God can even use the wealth of others to turn your situation around. You never know exactly what He is up to.


As you pray and make financial decisions, aiming to be a wise kingdom steward, remember that though God will never forsake you (Hebrews 13:5), His promises do come under His covenant. Unless you align yourself underneath His rightful rule, you cannot tap into the promises of His provision. As you align the use of your time, talents and treasures underneath His overarching rule, you will witness the supernatural invade the natural. That’s what the Bible calls being truly rich.

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