Health Ministry


nursing-logo-IN .  .LCMS HEALTH MINISTRIES: In our ministry, we recognize that the real message in Christ's healing miracles was in outcomes: Each healing was another announcement that the kingdom of Christ had come. Striving for health is the norm of the kingdom we entered at our baptism




Justified by grace and living the new life of Christ within us, we, LCMS Health Ministries, purpose - in the freedon of this new life - to pursue the norm of personal and corporate wholeness in the life of the church.

Goal 1: To establish health in all aspects of the person as the Christian norm.

Goal 2: To establish health as the corporate norm in the Christian community.

Goal 3: To provide encouragement to the church - individuals and corporate entities - to live toward the norm of whole-person health, empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Goal 4: To effect collaboration between the church and community health resources in the pursuit of health. 

Goal 5: To provide to the church a ministry of care and support for individuals and families in illness and death.




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