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Happy February!

Just wondering – do you know why the chicken crossed the playground?

During these grayer days, I thought it might be nice to tell you about a few of the many good, unexpected things that happen to me. Last month I was at Costco with my caregiver. We meet with a lot of people there and gave them my card. It turned out that one of these couples was behind us when we checked out – we were buying my treats!!! (which are now $26 a bag! – supplied by my caregivers) These new friends insisted on purchasing these treats for me. Fromm Dog Food donates all the food for Comfort Dogs. Jewel Comfort Dog Ministry recently donated $2000.00 to my ministry. The Froedtert system has donated thousands of dollars over the years. I was recently present at a funeral for a woman I visited several times in the hospital – her family donated $100.00. I am very grateful for these contributions as it means we do not need to draw upon congregational monies.

Thank you to those of you who follow me on Facebook. There are many “faithful

followers”. This is a recent comment: “When Rhoda visited me in Froedtert Menomonee Falls, my appendix had ruptured in two places and gangrene had taken over my other organs. I didn’t know what a blessing she is to this world but she brought me much comfort. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been praying for her and the people who bring her in. Such a blessing to so many.”

It is a blessing for us to know that my handlers and I can bring the love of Jesus to those who are hurting or in pain. Thank you, Lord!!


BTW – the chicken crossed the playground to get to the other slide!!!





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