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 From the mouth of Rhoda:


Happy June to my friends at Prince of Peace. It has been another unusual month

- but we have so much to be grateful for. I am personally grateful for the fact that my

leg has healed and I am ready for duty beginning June 1. Although most of the places I

usually visit are not allowing visitors yet, I hope to see some of our shut-ins - and anyone else who would like a visit, If you are more comfortable with visiting outside - that

is just great with me. Please let anyone on my team know if you would like some company - even if it is just to break up the day and have a little companionship.


My team has done a wonderful job of remembering those who have spent long and hard

hours working for the common good. I have enclosed a couple pictures. Many on the

team either made or purchased items that would be useful to hospital personnel. These

were items such as: homemade hot pads, individually wrapped cookies, candies, protein

bars, bags of nuts, etc. We then met with personnel in the hospital parking lot. That

gave us a safe chance to visit for a bit and exchange the items. I have also done some

virtual visits - you saw the interview with Spectrum News.


The Lord has truly blessed our congregation during this pandemic. Our praise and gratitude to Him! Hope to see all of you soon again!!


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