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November 2023—Happy Thanksgiving!

May each of you enjoy a Blessed Thanksgiving this month – God is good. Even when many of you may be dealing with trials – God is with you!

Here is your Thanksgiving question: Why did they let the turkey join the band?

It has been an extremely busy month. Let me tell you just a few places that we have visited – in addition to my regular hospital, assisted living, etc. visits.

1. By 4 AM one Saturday morning, my handler and I were down at Billy Mitchell for an honor flight departure. This is a special flight sponsored by the Bucks, Packers and Brewers. 221 veterans were flown to Washington to be honored for their service. Thank you, Veterans!!!

2.Milwaukee Lutheran High School. You may have heard that there was gunfire at the school. School was closed and held virtually for one week. We were there the following Monday to ease the apprehension of both students and staff.

3.Elkhorn High School. This was an emergency visit to help calm students after the suicide of one of their 16 year old students. We also went back a few days

later for this funeral.

4.Molson Coors. We attended their Health and Wellness Fair. Molson Coors is always close to our heart and we visit regularly since the shootings that occurred there.

There have been other “special” visits this month – such as the Menomonee Falls Senior Enrichment Fair - too many to list. May God help us always to bring peace and love to those we serve.

The turkey was asked to join the band because he brings his own drumsticks!!!!





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