Lay Ministry

Commentary from the Board of Lay Ministry on some of the excuses we tell ourselves:


"I haven't been in church, because ..."

 " family goes regularly, and Ion the important days."


Unfortunately for some of our friends, heaven is not like Sam's Club, where if one person buys a membership the spouse gets in free. Our relationship with God is completely personal, regardless of how closely knit our family may be. The brutal truth may be that if only some members of a family practice their faith as completely as they can, maybe only those members will go on to eternal life. It cannot get any more simple than that.


In addition, there are many things in our culture today that conspire to break up families. It has become essential for many parents to consciously look for activities and time to do things together. Going to church together is an ideal family activity, appropriate for all ages, and within everyone's capabilities. If you were one of those who routinely allows your husband, your wife, or your kids to go to church without you, ask yourself what message you are sending to them, to God, and to the community. Ask yourself if it would not make your family happier to have you with them. And maybe the next time there is something that stresses your family, might it not be just a little easier to deal with if you at least had a few more routine activities that you customarily did together?


As far as attending church on the important days, it is great to attend on Christmas, or Easter, or a special event. But those days are important to us. Because we are there to worship God, we need to have Him tell us which are important. And the third commandment doesn't say anything about two or three times a year; it tells us to observe the Sabbath, which is every week.


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