Re-opening Church Activities:

ABOVE ALL TRUST IN THE LORD AND USE COMMON SENSE. Each person needs to act on their own conscience and should not feel pressured to attend worship services. If you are sick, or health is compromised, or scared to go out, please stay at home. If you have symptoms of fever, cough or difficulty breathing, please stay home and seek medical care.

Wisconsin now joins multiple states that no longer have extensive "stay at home orders" but we will continue to follow good practices of social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizer usage, sanitizing procedures and telecommuting ( via email). The weekly bulletin, sermon and prayers will be in PDF format and sent through the email list. We will continue limited use of common areas, doors will be open. Café and kitchen will be closed. No coffee receptions/no Bible Class.


The church will be open Thursday evening services 6:30pm-7:30pm (2 services) and Sunday 9:00am – noon (4 services) for a short service, which will include Hymns, Confession/Absolution,  "message of the day," Prayer, The Sacrament and Benediction for 30 minutes. We will accommodate 16 people per 45 minute time slot PLEASE USE SIGN UP SHEETS!

You will enter through the Fellowship Hall doors and be asked to use the hand sanitizer provided and observe social distancing while you wait for Lay Ministry to sanitize the worship area. You will be given a bulletin which you are asked to take home. Personal face masks are recommended but NOT MANDATORY. You may be seated in the sanctuary using the FIRST OR THIRD rows, adhering to recommended 6ft social distancing. Family members may sit together. No registration card needs to be completed as we will refer to signup sheets. Offerings to be placed in plate located in narthex. Gifts for 1-1-1 missions placed in box provided. Red envelopes available. Be aware that windows will be open in the sanctuary and narthex to improve air circulation – please dress accordingly and take your jacket with you and do NOT use the coat room.

COMMUNION: You should remain standing at your seat to receive communion from Pastor. Only individual cups will be used.

After the service you will exit through the main entrance. Please use hand sanitizer as you leave.


Sign up Procedure: NOTE: new Sunday time slots

THURSDAYS : 6:30-7pm, 7:00-7:30pm - consider as more slots usually available

SUNDAYS: 9-9:45am, 9:45-10:30am, 10:30-11:15am, 11:15-12noon

1. You may sign up on the sheet taped to the front door.

2. You may email Pastor Engler at pastor.popmf@gmail.com to request a time slot;

3. You may call or text (text is preferred if possible) Pastor Engler at 262-744-0858 to request a time slot.

4. You may call (251-3360 M-Th 9am-12noon) or email (office.popmf@gmail.com) the office to request time slots.

5. You may show up at a time without checking availability but you may have to wait for the next available slot. We can accommodate 16 people waiting in the Fellowship Hall, or you may wait in your car. Remember, these services are only 30 minutes maximum. A Lay Minister will be at the door to direct you


Please be assured that we continue to monitor guidelines and recommendations by the CDC and our local health departments. This guidance is subject to change, and may lead to changes in normal church service routines for a longer period of time.

Nancy Brandon, President

Pastor Engler

Norm Schwantes, Director of Lay Ministry



© 2020 Lutheran Church of the Prince of Peace
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